Best Business Laptops | Top 5 brands to buy in 2017

Best Business Laptops: While Laptops make life much easier whether its education, service or business, there are several countries around the world that have made it mandatory for the students to have a laptop once they join courses in their universities. Besides helping in school work, home work or making notes, these are extremely helpful when it comes to storing data and moving files from one place to another.

Talking about business students, like any other college student, they want a laptop that is packed with features, has the latest software and most importantly, is portable and easy to carry. With so many brands and models doing rounds in the market, it is only obvious for the students to get confused when looking for the Best Business Laptops. While the brands and models are a secondary factor, the students need to be clear about the features they need to look for in their laptops.

Features to look for in Business Laptops for Students:

Best Business Laptops

  • Case or Screen size: The size of the screen is an important factor for the students so they can have a clear view of the web pages, windows and documents. While Mac features 13 and 15 inch screens, the PC options range from 11 to 17 inch screens.
  • RAM: Also known as the random access memory, the RAM of a laptop is responsible for its speed of loading programs. The Mac offers up to 8 GB of RAM and the PC options can offer up to 64 GB, depending on the model.
  • Hard Drive: The Hard drive of a laptop is the capacity of its internal storage. The hard drives in Mac can vary from 128 GB to 320 GB while in a PC from 1 to 2 GB.
  • Processor: The processor is the spine of a laptop; it carries out each of the instructions given to the computer. Mac uses Intel i5 and i7 and the PC uses AMD and Intel processors.
  • Operating system: An operating system gives a definition and identity to a system. It is the software built in the system that is responsible for managing the programs and their applications. While the Mac uses Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks, the PCs use Windows 7/8/8.1 or Vista.

Top 5 Brands for Best Business Laptops :

Business students will want a laptop that is powerful, fast, has latest software and is necessarily portable. While all the laptop brands aim for some of these general features in their models, there are a few brands of laptops that can be better than their counterparts, especially when considering business students.

Our list of these top 5 Best Business Laptops for Students is going to streamline their search process and help them make an educated choice.

  1. MacBook Pro

Best Laptops For Business

First things first, for the business students, the highlights include quick processing, excellent performance and flash-based storage. Other than that, the MacBook Pro has the name Apple attached to it, which gives it enough fan following already. Its retina display makes for a crystal clear view with the screen options of 13 or 15 inches. With more than 4 million pixels, its display is flawless, when working with images hence it can be one of the best business laptops.

  1. Dell Latitude

Best Brand Laptops

The Dell Latitude is a complete range from the brand that includes tablets, laptops and Ultra books, all designed for business purposes. The laptops feature soft ware that aim at protecting the data of the user with FIPS 140-2, the highest level of protection available. The authentication features include the fingerprint access and the smart card access. The design itself speaks of durability that is military-grade. so it can be the Best Business Laptops in 2017.

  1. HP Zbook

Best Business Laptops

The power of Zbook from HP is often compared to a desktop, which is quite an unusual fact in itself. HP laptops are loaded with quad-core processors from Intel with a standard i7. The Zbook is available in 14, 15 and 17 inches and has security features very similar to the Dell Latitude that makes it difficult to hack the system and thus, makes the data safe and secure.

  1. Lenovo ThinkPad

Best Business Laptops

The complete line of laptops, think pads and ultra books from Lenovo are clearly a business version of their IdeaPad line of products. There are various series available like the T series, X, L, W, E, Yoga and Helix. The L and the W series have been created for mainstream business. Out of all the lineups from the brand for a business class, the E series is created for small businesses and is quite affordable. Hence we can say that this can be a Best Laptops for College Students.

  1. HP Elitebook

Best Laptops for Business

Powerful performance, docking capabilities and premium security features come together in the HP Elitebook. The models in this line are powered by the Intel core processor i7. It has a touch screen interface, a military grade durable design that makes it dust, drop and shock proof.

Best Business Laptops | Top 5 brands to buy in 2017
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