Best Laptops under $500 | The Top 8 laptops under 500 dollars in 2017

Best Laptops under $500 : Most people prefer to use laptops as it is much handy compare to other computers and you can carry almost everywhere. There are many premium laptops that are well built in design, features and much more. If you are looking for the best laptops for your personal use, then these post will be helpful for knowing about the best products. In the market or online store there are many best laptops under $500 of popular brands that come with different price structures.

However, not all the costly laptops have all the necessary features instead it may be a waste of money. So, in this post, I am suggesting you the Best Laptops under $500 which are rich in features and design as well.

Top 8 Best laptops under $500 in 2017:


best laptops under 500

Most people think that choosing a best laptop under budget will result in buying a low quality product but here are the updated list of Best budget Laptops under $500 with good features like long battery life, powerful and fast performing processors with good keyboard, RAM and display size.

#1. Dell Inspiron i5559-4682SLV

Best Laptops under 500 dollars

The Dell company always comes up with Best Laptops under $500 (affordable budget price along with splendid design and features. This is the best Windows laptop that is also known as the signature edition laptop and sixth generation computer. This laptop has a good processor which is made of Intel Core i5-6200U that gives awesome performances. This laptop is perfect for gaming and other purposes. This laptop is made with a good processor that can run at great efficiency. You don’t need to worry about the internal storage as well because this series laptop has 8GB of RAM that is more than enough to store big files like movies, apps, etc. This laptop has a good camera with full HD display that is capable of making a good video conversation with its 1080p media.Hence this can be a good choice for


  • Intel Core i5-6200U with 2.30GHz
  • Intel HD Graphics 520 processor
  • 1024GB 5400 RPM HDD
  • 6-inch display with 1920*1080 pixels
  • It has Windows 10 Home operating system
  • 6 hours of battery life
  • It weights 5.36 lbs


  • Its Skylake-based i5 processor is awesome
  • It has full HD display
  • It has Intel RealSense 3D camera
  • The Backlit keyboard is really good
  • It has the clean Windows 10 version


  • The hard drive is really slow in functioning
  • There is no IPS display
  • There is only one USB 3.0 port

#2. Asus F555LA-AB31

Best Budget Laptops

This model of Asus is the new addition of its series that is designed with 1.56 matte HD display which is comfortable working on. This can be the best laptops under $500 that come with so many features that you can get for yourself now. The Ice Cool technology keeps the touchpad really nice and easy for typing and gives much comfort. This device comes with the best processor which is designed with Intel Core i3-5010U with 2.1 GHz that gives an awesome performance. The device comes with 4GB of DDR3 RAM that is enough for storing your apps and media files easily. It has been designed with Windows 8.1 operating system that works very smoothly in this device.


  • Intel Core i3-5010U processor with 2.1 GHz
  • Intel HD Graphics 5500 Shared
  • Internal storage is easy with 4GB RAM DDR3 RAM
  • 500GB 5400 RPM HDD
  • The display is 15.6 inch with 1920*1080 pixels
  • It gives 5 hours of battery life
  • This laptop weights 4.6 lbs


  • It has come with full HD screen
  • Affordable price
  • Gives good sound


  • Slight screen bleed
  • Hard drive is not easily replaceable
  • Its display is Dim

#3. Lenovo ThinkPad E560

Best Laptops under 500$

This laptop has come with a plastic body which seems to be more handy and affordable as well. This laptop is made with 6th generation intel Core i5-6200U processor which gives smooth performances. This can be the best laptops under $500 that have 4GB of DDR3 RAM which is enough to store large data like apps and media files etc. Moreover, you will be also able to store multiple amounts of files in the 500GB hard drive that you get along at the time of purchase. You must know that there are one free RAM slots which can be upgraded later for storing many files and better performances. This model of Lenovo features E560 with 7200rpm hard drive which is easy to store large media files and important official files as well. It has been designed with Windows 7 Pro that can be upgraded later to Windows 10. Making video calls is really easy with full HD 720p webcam and its stereo audio speakers.


  • Intel Core i5-6200U with 2.30GHz
  • Intel HD Graphics 520 Shared
  • It has 4GB DDR3L RAM
  • 500GB 7200 RPM HDD
  • It has display of 15.6 inches with 1366*768 pixels
  • It has the latest Windows 10 Pro
  • This laptop weight up to 5.39 lbs


  • It has Professional Windows
  • Made with Intel Skylake Processor
  • TrackPoint nub
  • It has Fingerprint reader


  • It is not MIL-SPEC tested
  • It has dull display
  • There are lots of Lenovo bloatware

#4. HP Pavilion 15ac151dx

Best Laptops under $500

This is one of the most budget-friendly laptops that comes with many good features which you can prefer now. This laptop features the 5th generation Intel i5-5200U processor that gives good performances. This laptop includes 5400rpm and 8GB RAM to boost the performances of the device. So, the gamers can now easily play with its awesome full HD Graphics 5500. It has a good battery life that will give you maximum working hours. The display is really awesome with its 1366*768 pixels and 15.6 inch that is comfortable to work on.


  • Intel Core i5200U with 2.2GHz
  • Intel HD Graphics with 5500 Shared
  • It has 4GB DDR3L RAM
  • It has 1024GB 5400 RPM HDD
  • The display size 15.6 inch with 1366*768 pixels
  • It gives 5 hours battery life
  • The laptop weights up to 4.7 lbs
  • It comes with Windows 10 Home


  • Intel i5 Processor
  • Durable build quality
  • Best port selection
  • The price is also quite good.


  • There is no Bluetooth
  • Battery life could be better
  • The brightness level is low

#5. HP ProBook 455 G3 W4E07UT#ABA

Best Budget Laptops in 2017

This new HP ProBook has come with the best processor that gives a good performance. It is powered by AMD A10-8700P and 16GB of RAM which is more than enough to store big files. This laptop has the best Radeon R6 graphics chip which is good for playing games. This device can be best for business and other professionals as well because of its awesome performances. This laptop is designed with Windows 10 operating system which is the latest version. This laptop has come with the fingerprint reader which is helpful to remember numbers of passwords. If you want best laptops in affordable price, then this can be the good option when you want to buy best laptops under $500 as it gives a very powerful performance to its users. This laptop is best for rough use as well as its body parts are made of good materials that give long lasting.


  • It has AMD A10-8700P with 1.80GHz
  • It is AMD Radeon R6 Shared
  • It has 16GB DDR3L RAM
  • 1000GB 5400 RPM HDD
  • It has 15.6-inch display with 1366*768 pixels
  • Best Windows 10 Home
  • Weight up to 4.98 lbs


  • Good battery life
  • It has Fingerprint reader
  • Empty M.2 slot
  • It has good keyboard and trackpad


  • It has low brightness levels
  • Windows 10 Home
  • TN Display panel

#6. HP 17Z-P100

Best Laptops under Budget

This HP 17Z-P100 is designed with the simple display that size up to 17.3-inch which is quite big display. It also features the AMD A8-7050 3.0GHz Quad Core Processor which gives excellent performances and can be a best budget laptop. This device gives good sound quality compares to other laptops in this price range. This laptop is perfect for playing games as it has a good processor and is easily portable. The laptop comes with a quite large display which is better for playing online games and watching movies as well. You will enjoy this medium range model with maximum features which is trustworthy. It has got 6GB DDR3L RAM which is enough to store big files such as apps and movies easily. So, no longer need to worry about storage capacity as this brand new model of HP will let you easily manage all your big files.


  • AMD A8-7050 with 3.0GHz
  • AMD Radeon R5 Shared
  • It has 6GB DDR3L RAM
  • It also features 750GB 5400 RPM HDD
  • Its display size is awesome 17.3 inches with 1600*900 pixels
  • Windows 10 Home
  • Its battery is awesome which last for 4.5 hours.
  • It weights 6.2 lbs


  • It has large screen
  • It has Modern AMD APU
  • The device provides good sound
  • It has fair storage capacity


  • It has poor battery life
  • Keyboard feels cheap

#7. Acer Aspire E 15 E5-573G-52G3

Best Cheap Laptops

If you are a game lover, then this laptop will be Best Laptops under $500 to you as it is designed especially for gamers. There are many appealing features that give user incredible performance, and it has the convenient design as well. This is the 5th generation Intel Core i5-5200U Processor that gives good performance to users. The display resolution is quite awesome which is 1920*1080 pixels and display size up to 15.6 inch that is good to work on. The Webcam is full HD with 1280*720 pixels that gives good video calling services as well. Its dual channel memory of 8GB is really awesome that is capable of storing large files and apps. The device has a good battery life that gives 5 hours of working durations. So, you can watch movies and play games on this laptop without worrying about the battery life.


  • 5th generation Intel Core i5-5200U Processor
  • 8GB DDR3L Dual Channel Memory
  • 6 inch full HD display with LED backlit
  • It gives 1920*1080 resolution
  • HD Webcam 1720*280
  • 4-cell Li-Ion with 2500 mAh battery that lasts for 5 hours
  • Weighs up to 5.3 pounds
  • It provides Windows 10


  • It has a good Processor powered by Intel
  • 5 hours lasting battery with 2500 mAh of Li-Ion
  • The 8GB Dual memory is awesome
  • Full HD Webcam for video calling


  • Low sound quality
  • Available only in one color
  • Heavy and bulky

#8. Lenovo IdeaPad 110 Premium Laptop

laptops under 500 dollars


If you want a best laptop for college below 500 dollars, then this model of Lenovo will best fit your expectations now. This laptop is powered by AMD Processor which gives good performance and smooth functioning. The hard drive rotational speed is 5400 RPM which boost up all the functioning of the device. If you want to store large files which include apps, media files, etc then this DDR3 SDRAM memory will do much for you. This Lenovo IdeaPad 110 is one of the explosives of its series, and it is designed with the Windows 10 operating system. The hard drive that this laptop is designed with is of 5400 RPM which is good for storing much more necessary data. Hence this can be the best laptops under $500.


  • It has 8GB RAM which is quite good for storing your necessary files and documents.
  • It is designed with LED display and is designed with a 15.6-inch screen.
  • The Processor is made with AMD brand
  • It is provided with Windows 10 operating system
  • It weights up to 4.85 lbs with 10.4*14.9*0.9 dimensions
  • Full HD Resolution 1366*768


  • It has 15.6 inch LCD backlit display which looks awesome.
  • It is powered by AMD A8-7410 2.2 Quad-Core Processor
  • 3 MP HD Webcam
  • It has come with dimensions of 14.9*10.4*0.9
  • It provides Windows 10 home 64-bit Edition


  • Available in one color only
  • It weights little heavy and bulky
  • Sound could be much better

The above mentioned are some of the Best Laptops Under $500 which you can buy. Among the mentioned many I would like you to suggest you The Dell Inspiration and Asus model which I have discussed. These two products work amazingly and contain much of the features which will fit your desire.

Best Laptops under $500 | The Top 8 laptops under 500 dollars in 2017
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Best Business Laptops | Top 5 brands to buy in 2017

Best Business Laptops: While Laptops make life much easier whether its education, service or business, there are several countries around the world that have made it mandatory for the students to have a laptop once they join courses in their universities. Besides helping in school work, home work or making notes, these are extremely helpful when it comes to storing data and moving files from one place to another.

Talking about business students, like any other college student, they want a laptop that is packed with features, has the latest software and most importantly, is portable and easy to carry. With so many brands and models doing rounds in the market, it is only obvious for the students to get confused when looking for the Best Business Laptops. While the brands and models are a secondary factor, the students need to be clear about the features they need to look for in their laptops.

Features to look for in Business Laptops for Students:

Best Business Laptops

  • Case or Screen size: The size of the screen is an important factor for the students so they can have a clear view of the web pages, windows and documents. While Mac features 13 and 15 inch screens, the PC options range from 11 to 17 inch screens.
  • RAM: Also known as the random access memory, the RAM of a laptop is responsible for its speed of loading programs. The Mac offers up to 8 GB of RAM and the PC options can offer up to 64 GB, depending on the model.
  • Hard Drive: The Hard drive of a laptop is the capacity of its internal storage. The hard drives in Mac can vary from 128 GB to 320 GB while in a PC from 1 to 2 GB.
  • Processor: The processor is the spine of a laptop; it carries out each of the instructions given to the computer. Mac uses Intel i5 and i7 and the PC uses AMD and Intel processors.
  • Operating system: An operating system gives a definition and identity to a system. It is the software built in the system that is responsible for managing the programs and their applications. While the Mac uses Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks, the PCs use Windows 7/8/8.1 or Vista.

Top 5 Brands for Best Business Laptops :

Business students will want a laptop that is powerful, fast, has latest software and is necessarily portable. While all the laptop brands aim for some of these general features in their models, there are a few brands of laptops that can be better than their counterparts, especially when considering business students.

Our list of these top 5 Best Business Laptops for Students is going to streamline their search process and help them make an educated choice.

  1. MacBook Pro

Best Laptops For Business

First things first, for the business students, the highlights include quick processing, excellent performance and flash-based storage. Other than that, the MacBook Pro has the name Apple attached to it, which gives it enough fan following already. Its retina display makes for a crystal clear view with the screen options of 13 or 15 inches. With more than 4 million pixels, its display is flawless, when working with images hence it can be one of the best business laptops.

  1. Dell Latitude

Best Brand Laptops

The Dell Latitude is a complete range from the brand that includes tablets, laptops and Ultra books, all designed for business purposes. The laptops feature soft ware that aim at protecting the data of the user with FIPS 140-2, the highest level of protection available. The authentication features include the fingerprint access and the smart card access. The design itself speaks of durability that is military-grade. so it can be the Best Business Laptops in 2017.

  1. HP Zbook

Best Business Laptops

The power of Zbook from HP is often compared to a desktop, which is quite an unusual fact in itself. HP laptops are loaded with quad-core processors from Intel with a standard i7. The Zbook is available in 14, 15 and 17 inches and has security features very similar to the Dell Latitude that makes it difficult to hack the system and thus, makes the data safe and secure.

  1. Lenovo ThinkPad

Best Business Laptops

The complete line of laptops, think pads and ultra books from Lenovo are clearly a business version of their IdeaPad line of products. There are various series available like the T series, X, L, W, E, Yoga and Helix. The L and the W series have been created for mainstream business. Out of all the lineups from the brand for a business class, the E series is created for small businesses and is quite affordable. Hence we can say that this can be a Best Laptops for College Students.

  1. HP Elitebook

Best Laptops for Business

Powerful performance, docking capabilities and premium security features come together in the HP Elitebook. The models in this line are powered by the Intel core processor i7. It has a touch screen interface, a military grade durable design that makes it dust, drop and shock proof.

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Top 5 Best Laptops for College Student 2017 – The Ultimate guide for Beginners

Best Laptops for CollegeIf you are about to start your college and are looking for one of the best laptops for college student 2017, we might be a little helpful to you with our guide. Whether you are a science student, an art student, a computer science student or one who is looking for a degree in design, there are a few things that top everyone’s priority-durability and a reasonable price.

Yeah we Know how laptops play a major part of our lives these days. So We need to take a right decision in Choosing Best Laptop Brands. So we are here to  help you in buying best laptops for college purpose.

How to choose Best laptops for college by course?

Best Laptops For College
Best Laptops For College

Before you decide to pick up the best one for yourself as per your degree, you should know the various jobs for which you will require your laptop in the college years. You may use them for:

  • Writing Papers
  • Completing the class syllabus
  • Taking online assessments
  • Taking online competitive exams
  • Stay connected with other students
  • Enrolling for courses
  • Getting any additional information

Best Laptops for college students under budget in 2017:

1.Dell XPS 13

Best Laptops for College Students
Dell XPS 13
  • RAM:4 GB
  • Storage: 256 GB

Portability and power come together in a ‘little overpriced but worth it’ Dell XPS 13. It has been rated as the best laptop for computer science students and three and a half stars from Amazon. The model has a 13.3 inch full HD infinity display which delivers some of the sharpest images and is a perfect choice for students in media courses. It is also packed with the power of 4 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD and an Intel core i5 processor.

Besides this, the laptop is also a perfect choice for entertainment and can be used to watch TV shows, movies and can be used for gaming as well.

2.Apple MacBook

Best Laptops For College
Apple MacBook
  • Ram: 8 GB
  • Storage: 256 GB SSD

With an outstanding 10 hour battery life and a cool look from Apple, this one steals the show easily. The 12 inch display size is enough for any college course as compared to the other 13” and 15” that are available with it. It features an Intel Core M3 processor and an 8 GB RAM and a Retina display. The Force touch track pad makes for an easy and quick navigation through a huge pile of contents, making it convenient for students to shuffle through a variety of papers. This one from Apple is a good enough laptop for any kind of course or project.

3.HP Stream 13

Best Laptops for Students
HP Stream 13
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage: 32 GB SSD

Surprisingly being a low end model and low priced becomes the advantage of this highly durable and portable HP Stream 13. There are several college students who do not believe in spending too much or the parents who do not wish to buy outstandingly expensive laptops for their kids this one is for them. The laptop has a good 13.3 inch display, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB SSD storage in one portable, colorful (available in Violet Purple, Horizon Blue, Orchid Magenta, and Cobalt Blue) body. It comes with one year subscription to Office 365 for free. Hence it can be the best laptops for college students in 2017.

4.Microsoft Surface Book

Best Laptops For College Students 2017
Microsoft Surface Book
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage: 128 GB

Rightly picked as the number one laptop for college students, Microsoft Surface Book is one cool laptop with its convertible design. Considered a perfect choice for the students in creative design, it caters to everything from graphic design, CAD and Photoshop. You get a 13.5 Inch display with an 8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD storage and an Intel Core i5 processor with a touch screen feature. The laptop can be converted into a tablet or clipboard mode that gives it added portability and removes the need to buy the second devices. Hence it can be the best laptops for college students in 2017.


Best Laptops for College
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 500 GB

One of the most affordable laptops in line for college students, the ASUS has been reviewed as the best mid-range college laptop. It has an impressive 15.6 inch display and features Intel dual- core Celeron N2830 processor, 4 GB RAM and 500 GB internal memory. Not too loaded with special technologies but will do all the basic tasks that a college student will want from writing papers to casual gaming.

Before you get down to your research, be sure of the Operating system that your college program demands. Some of them will specifically require a Windows or OSX featured laptops.

Top 5 Best Laptops for College Student 2017 – The Ultimate guide for Beginners
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The Best Laptop Brands in the world (2017) – An Ultimate guide about Top 8 brands

Are you looking for the best laptop brands? Then you are at the right place. Today, I will share with you all about the Best Brands Laptops. This day many Students and business person are so much into buying the best Laptops which will satisfy their needs. Sometimes what happens is that people want to buy best brands of a laptop but what makes them confuse is that which brands are the best one.

So, don’t worry as I will produce the list of the best laptop brands here today. The best brands of a laptop which provide all the user’s lots of efficiencies and get access easily. Laptops have lots of advantages like due to its portability which means you can take it anywhere and wherever you go. Because of its small size, the entire user can make them even at their workplace and get their job complete. It takes very less power as compare to your desktop and much more.

The Top 8 Best Laptop Brands list in 2017 :

Best Laptop brands

Here are the best laptop brands list which are mentioned here down below. As you can see many laptop brands pretty expensive but the most important thing which you can be sure all these brands of laptops are best here as they are good enough to be on our list.

#1. Apple Macbook Pro

Best Laptops Brand list

Here I have the first list of the best laptop brands which is Apple Macbook Pro; it has a new Processor which is advance and new graphics in it. It comes with new features like connectivity that has the potential of high speed when you transfer large file on any connection quickly. Apple Macbook Pro brings something new in the market which takes it to another level.

Features of Apple Macbook Pro

  • It offers you with 2.7 GHz dual Intel Core i5 processor.
  • The Storage facility provides the user with 8GB 1866 MHz DDR3L RAM along with flash storage.
  • It provides you with 13.3 inch IPS Retina Display which is 2560 by 1600 resolution.
  • The Battery life is long lasting which last up to 9 hours.

#2. Asus Zenbook UX305

Best Brand laptops

Here is Asus Zenbook UX305 which is light, slimmer and faster than any other existing Notebooks. This laptop comes with many features like it comes with Intel Core i5 processor; it also comes with storage facility like the 256GB drive along with flash storage. This laptop is compatible with Windows 10, which has sophisticated design, laser-edge which is inspired by circular clock along with aluminum body through which it will look stylish and weightlessly you can take it and go anywhere and much more.

#3.  Dell XPS 13

Best Brand Laptops in india

Dell XPS 13 is another best brand laptops which is the world’s first laptop that comes with 13.3 inches along with full HD display 1920×1080 WLED screen. It is the fifth generation of Intel Core i5-5200U 2.20 GHz, which comes with turbo boost technology that is up to 2.70 GHz. The storage facility which they offer the user is 8GB DDR3 RAM / 128GB SSD/ Intel HD Graphics 5500, and it is compatible with Windows 8.1 and also very light weighted laptop where you can take it anywhere you go even you are across the world.

#4. HP Spectre X360

Best Laptop brands for college

HP Spectre X360 is one of the best laptop brands which I have listed here; it comes with many features as it offers you 3 USB 3.0 ports through which you can maximize all the latest devices with high speed. The screen comes with 13.3” with multi-touch through which the view of the screen makes it bright and you can watch photos and videos clearly and with good quality2560x1440 QHD resolution along with BED backlight. This laptop designed with ultra-Portable and also comes with 360° flip and fold design in it, which is so cool to use it.

#5. Lenovo ThinkPad T450s

Best Laptop Brands 2017

Here comes Lenovo ThinkPad T450s which is also another best laptop brands that I have listed here today. Lenovo ThinkPad T450s comes with lots of features like:

  • The display comes with 14 inches full HD along with IPS touch screen.
  • It also comes with Intel Core i7-5600U which is around 2.60 GHz.
  • The Storage facility of this laptop is about 20GB RAM along with 512GB SSD.
  • When it comes to connectivity, they provide you Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Webcam services on this laptop.
  • It is compatible on Windows 8 Pro.

These laptops meant for people in business, so if you are looking for your business purpose laptop, then this Lenovo ThinkPad T450s is the right choice for you.

#6. Acer Aspire S 13 Touch

Best Laptop brands under 30000

Acer Aspire S 13 Touch is the 7th generation laptop brand which comes with Intel Core i7-7500U Processor that is up to 3.5 GHz. This Laptop is faster, thinner and the most powerful one. Its battery life is best as you can stay the full day without charging your laptop since the battery is long lasting. It comes with fingerprint reader facility and storage 8GB. It is compatible only with Windows 10. The sound is perfect if you are looking for the laptop which has the excellent sound quality for your entertainment then this is the one for you.

 #7. Microsoft Surface Book

Best Laptop Brands

This Microsoft Surface Book display comes with 13.5” Pixel Sense Touch Screen along with 3000×2000 resolution. It is compatible with Windows ten pro and also includes with Surface Pen which is the best part of it this laptop, where you can draw or do anything you want on this laptop. The battery life is for 6 hours which is pretty much long lasting. The storage facility comes with 8GB RAM along with 128 GB flash memory size.

#8. Samsung Notebook 7


best laptop brands

Here is the last best laptop brands that is Samsung Notebook 7, where the display comes with 13.3” Full HD WLED backlight touch screen. It comes with Intel HD Graphics for 520, 360° along with flip flop design in it. The storage facility is about 8GB DDR4 along with the hard drive for 1TB. It is the 6th generation id Intel Core i5-6200U along with dual core processor. The connectivity of this laptop provides the user Bluetooth 4.0, Webcam and much more. It has built-in speakers, and it is compatible with Windows 10 Hom and also very light weighted where you can carry it wherever you go.

So, guys, these are lists of the best laptop brands 2017 which I have mentioned here in the above. Now, all you need to do is go directly on and choose the best laptop for yourself and which will satisfy all your needs.

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